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China Institute of Strategy and Management
To get to know the history and present condition of China Institue of Strategy and Management (CISM)
China Strategic Forum
A constant academic communication platform initiated and registered by CISM for inspiring people’s ideas and promoting strategic theories
    2009 US-China Strategic Forum on Clean Energy Practical Cooperation
China Association for Global Human Development under the United Nations
A non-governmental organization which is under UN and is registered by CISM in New York, America
“Strategy and Management” Magazine
A magazine which was started by CISM in 1993 and is honored as “oriental ‘foreign affairs’” by the international society
Historical Retrospect
Based on national interest, to initiate and study issues about strategy selection and to forecast future trend
Activity Pictures
To pick history in Pictures and Films
Related Media Reports
How do others regard us?
Strategic Colleagues and CISM Members
Cause practicers in the same camp
Notices and Announcements
Notices and announcements from CISM
News and Information
Of CISM and of those to CISM’s attention

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