¡öAbout China Institue of Strategy and Management (CISM)

    China Institue of Strategy and Management (¡°CISM¡±) is a national first-grade academic group registered on June 17, 1989 under the ratification of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC. It is a national comprehensive strategic research organization, bringing together professional scholars from national economic, political, cultural, social, and military circles in conjunction with a large group of fruitful amateur theoretical researchers. CISM aims to provide strategic decision-making consultation and policy proposals for the fundamental interest as well as the long-run development of the country and people. A dozen of well-known senior political activists, diplomatists, militarists, economists, and litterateurs at home and abroad serve as senior advisors. CISM has built good relationship with international and domestic governmental organizations, academic bodies, and NGOs. Internationally known as the ¡°strategic think tank of China¡±, it plays an important role in the field of civil diplomacy. The Strategy and Management magazine sponsored by CISM is internationally called the oriental Foreign Affairs.

    Honorary Chairmen of CISM include Xiao Ke, State Founding General, and Gu Mu, former Vice Premier. Senior advisors include Yuan Baohua, Du Runsheng, former Australian Premier Hawke, former Philippine President Fidel V. Ranos (Ramos), former Japanese Premier Hata Tsutomu, and former Italian Premier Gianni De Michelis, etc. At present, there are more than 400 research fellows serving or in contact with CISM, and over 130 major research tasks on cumulative basis.

    Through active academic practice, legislation proposal, and civil diplomatic activities, CISM has driven the social reforms and progress. Successful international symposiums held by CISM include ¡°The Prospects for East Asian Cooperation and Development in the Next Ten Years¡±, and ¡°East Asian Cooperation and Security in the Future¡±. It has launched several activities of historic and cultural city protection across Beijing and China. In August 2005, CISM and the US Embassy jointly held the academic symposium and film reception of Review of Sino-American Folk Diplomacy and Strategic Alliance Relationships ¨C in memory of the 60th anniversary of the World Victory of Anti-Fascist War. In February 2006, CISM and the People¡¯s Daily Overseas Edition jointly sponsored the ¡°Seminar on China¡¯s Urbanization Development Strategy in the 21st Century¡±; in October 2006, CISM successfully held the ¡°Seminar on China¡¯s Energy Development Strategy in the 21st Century¡±; in November 2007, CISM and Aspen Institute Italy jointly held the international symposium on ¡°China¡¯s Rise and Europe: Dealing with Mutual Challenges¡± in Rome, Italy, from which the influence produced spread throughout China and the world.

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