¡öThe Major Events of the CISM

June 1983
The CISM was founded.

The CISM set up its research group. Group members have expanded to 400, engaging in academic studies in 130 research projects.

The CISM organized programs for department and bureau directors of central and local governments to attend training courses in the United States and Canada.

June 1989
The CISM was officially announced.

December 1990
The CISM sponsored the Symposium on Economic Cooperation between Northwest China and the Asia Pacific Region.

September 1991
The CISM invited celebrities from Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan to Beijing to take part in the Chinese National Day celebration.

The CISM established ties with the Atlantic Council of the United States, the America-China Society, and the Rand Corporation.

July 1993
The CISM sponsored and organized the international Symposium on the Prospects for East Asian Cooperation and Development in the Next Ten Years at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing.196 participants from 14 countries and areas attended it. Chairman Jiang Zemin, Li Ruihuan met With the Participants.

July 1993
The CISM announced Mr. Robert Hawke, the former Prime Minister of Australia as its first foreign senior advisor.

November 1993
The CISM published its Journal "STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENT"

Since 1993
The CISM has for many times invited the political and business leaders from Australia, Thailand, Singapore and the United States to China to attend symposiums, pay high-level visits and investigate investment opportunities. During their visits, they met with national leaders.

June 1994
The CISM Branch in Shanghai was founded.

September 1994
The CISM participated in organizing the Symposium on the Economic Cooperation in Hainan-Shanghai Areas.

March 1995
The CISM invited Mr.Tsutomu Hata, the former Prime Minister of Japan as its senior advisor.

March 1995
The CISM invited Mr. Jack V. Wirts, President of the Conference Board from the United States and two managers to visit China.
During their visit, Mr.Li Lanqing, Vice Premier of the State Council met with Mr. Jack V. Wirts.

December 1995
Lanmo Strategic Investment Advisory Co. Ltd. was set up.

March 1996
Beijing YanHuang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital was established.

August 1996
The CISM (H.K) Publishing Co. Ltd. was established.

October 1996
Vice Premier Zhu Rongji met with Mr. Hawke, the former Australian Prime Minister and Sir David Akers-Jones and his party from National Mutual Asia LTD. during their visit to Beijing invited by the CISM.

March 1997
The CISM made its first publication of Study Reports on International Situation (1996-1997)

April 1997
The CISM and The Pacific Region Society of China co-sponsored the first meeting of the Pacific Region Forum.

November 1997
The CISM sponsored and organized the International Symposium on East Asia Cooperation and Security in Beijing. About 60 participants from more than 10 countries attended it. Mr. Li Tieying, State Councilor and Minister of the State Commission for Restructuring Economic Systems was present and delivered the speech. Mr. Li Ruihuan, Chairman of the CPPCC was present at the closing ceremony of the Symposium.

August 1998
In response to invitation by chief executive of HongKong Special Administrative Region, the CISM had organized a team of experts in traditional Chinese Medical Science to Visit HongKong for academic exchanges and for participation in discussion the development plan for traditional Chinese medical in HongKong.

August 1999
The CISM had organized a team of experts in traditional Chinese medical science to visit Kunming for giving lectures, who met with leaders of Yunnan Provincial Government for discussing the development plan for traditional Chinese medicine in the province and making preparations for establishing the branch of YanHuang Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital.

December 1999
The CISM had attended the recommendation and introduction conference affiliated to "1999 Exhibition on Chinese Traditional Medicine Achievements (Hongkong)". Experts in Chinese traditional medical science from YanHuang Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital contributed recipes to the exhibition. More than 30 varieties of their sample prescribed preparation displayed on the exhibition attracted great attention of attenders.

October 2000
The CISM had organized a team of experts in traditional Chinese medical science to visit Hong Kong for providing free diagnoses. During the visit held in Hongkong Science & Engineering University a symposium on subjects of medical science, which drew concerns of new mediums. The experts¡¯ academic articles were serialized on Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao and special refill about YanHuang Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital was produced by Asia TV Station and broadcasted on the TV column titled "Hermits¡¯ Medical Science".

November 2001
Beijing Yanhuang Medicine Corp. Ltd was founded.

March 2003
The first health products ¡°Yanhuang Caring Tea¡± was successfully developed and approved by the national Sanitary Department.

May 2003
Successfully held the Rome conference together with American Strategic Consulting Center and the Italian ¡°Geopolitical¡± Magazine

April 2004
Established strategic partnerships with the Huawen Investment Group of the People¡¯s Daily

April 2004
Established the Sino American Magnetcisuspension Plane Corp, Ltd

December 2004
At the invitation of the Italian Senate, the deputy secretary general, Mr. Zhang Yi paid a visit to Italy to discuss cooperation between our society and relevant organization in Italy. He was warmly welcomed by the Speaker of the House, Pera.

June 2005
Established strategic alliance relationships with the east China subsidiary branch of the People¡¯s Daily

August 1, 2005
Acquired the American D&B aptitude

August 13, 2005
Sponsored the academic symposium and film reception of Review of Sino American Folk Diplomacy and Strategic Alliance Relationships ¨C--in memory of the 60th anniversary of the World Victory of Anti-Fascist War

August 2005
held in Suzhou ¡°2005 China¡¯s Local Architectural Culture & Symposium on Preservation of Ancient Villages in Taihu, Suzhou¡±, and released the Suzhou Declaration, which was jointly signed by a dozen of experts and scholars to call on enhanced preservation of historic and cultural heritages and excellent local buildings

October 2005
successfully held in Beijing the 2nd Asian E-government Summit

February 2006
successfully held in Beijing the Forum on China¡¯s Strategy Forum- on Urbanization Development Strategy in the 21st Century

February 2006
successfully held in Beijing the Forum on China¡¯s Strategy Forum- on Urbanization Development Strategy in the 21st Century

May 2006
CISM representatives were invited to attend the 54th Annual Meeting of Bildberberg Club held in Canada

August 2006
CISM successfully launched the first Research Club

September 2006
held the keystone dinner on ¡°The Ideal EU and the Ideal of EU¡±, at which, former German Premier Helmut Kohl gave a speech

October 2006
successfully held the ¡°Symposium on China-Japan Strategic Relation in the 21st Century¡±

October 2006
CISM organized the ¡°Forum on China¡¯s Energy Development Strategy in the 21st Century¡±, which was supported by US Hudson Institute

November 2006
the Strategy & Management Research Club invited Mr. Fang Heqian and Mr. Chen Wenbo, masters of Chinese Medicine to be guests at Diaoyutai State Guest Hotel to conduct a dialogue on rejuvenating traditional Chinese medicine and promoting health industry incubation and development strategy

December 2006
CISM successfully registered the quasi-UN NGO in New York, US, China Association for Global Human Development, which will build a very favorable international platform for CISM to conduct folk diplomatic activities more extensively and more deeply

February 2007
CISM held the keystone activity on ¡°How to Enable US Decision-makers to Understand China¡¯s Development Correctly ¨C How will China properly deal with affairs outside US Congress¡± in Diaoyutai State Guest Hotel, Beijing, inviting senior personnel from US to give speech

April 2007
CISM representatives were invited to visit US and attend ¡°The Third Annual China Symposium in Columbia University¡±, and the ¡°Sustainable Development 2007¡± jointly organized by UN and Brazilinvest Group, and visited responsible persons in relevant departments of UN in respect of cooperation between China Association for Global Human Development and UN

June 2007
Mr. .John Chwat, famous political and economic activist of US Congress, and President of Chwat Office was invited to give a speech titled ¡°Latest Policies of US Congress to China in 2007 and Their Influences¡± in Diaoyutai State Guest Hotel, Beijing

September 2007
the ¡°Strategy & Management Research Club¡± held the theme research activity on ¡°An Perspective of the New Future of Global Economy, Military Affairs and Big Country Diplomacy from a Viewpoint of Energy Supply Pattern¡±. Mr. Anthony H.Cordesman, senior scholar of CSIS and famous expert on Mid-East Strategy Issues gave a keystone speech

November 2007
the international symposium on ¡°China¡¯s Rise and Europe: Dealing with Mutual Challenges¡±, sponsored by Aspen Institute Italy, and supported by CISM, was successfully held in Rome, Italy. Italian Premier Romano Prodi was present at the opening dinner and delivered a keystone speech. Mr. Tremont, Vice Chairperson of Italian House of Representatives, and Chairperson of Aspen Institute Italy presided over the symposium

December 2007
CISM representatives were invited to visit Kazakstan, having a talk with Kazakstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Premier Karim Masimov about friendly cooperation matters

April 2008
conducted the special research task on ¡°Choice of China¡¯s National Development Way and Energy Strategy¡±

May 2008
CISM representatives were invited to visit Honduras, having a friendly talk with Honduras President Jos¨¦ Manuel Zelaya Rosales about how to improve the relation between the two countries and how to further develop the exchange in fields of culture and economic trade

May 2008
CISM established the ¡°Research Team of Natural Disaster Prevention¡±, organizing authoritative experts in relevant fields in China to carry out long-term prevention and rescue of severe natural disasters