Forum introduction
Background Objectives
China is the largest developing country while the United States is the largest developed country. When climate change is becoming a major environmental threat to human being, developing clean energy emerges as one of the most proactive and effective options to address this issue. The common interest in this area is that China and the U.S. might enter into a strategic partnership on clean energy, which represents a significant and historical opportunity to further strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the new era.

1. Outline the clear energy strategies of China and the U.S.;

2. Explore the common ground of China and the U.S. on clean energy strategy and interest;

3. Promote practical cooperation among enterprises, research institutions, cities and regions.

The first day The Second day The Third day

1、AM: Registration
2、PM: Chinese state leaders to meet forum delegates (time TBD)
3、Welcoming dinner

1、9:00-12:00 Opening ceremony
2、12:30-13:45 Luncheon, luncheon speech
3、14:30-17:30 Group discussion (incl. 15 min. tea break)
4、18:00-19:30 Dinner, dinner speech

1、9:00-10:30 Group discussion, summary;
2、10:30-10:45 Tea break;
3、The plenary;
4、12:30-13:45 Luncheon, luncheon speech