The Strategic Forum

for a U.S.-China Clean Energy Partnership

October 20 (Tuesday)


October 21 (Wednesday)
1、AM: Registration
2、PM: Chinese state leaders to meet forum delegates (time TBD)
3、Welcoming dinner
(1)18:00-18:40 Messrs. Zheng Bijian and John L. Thornton deliver welcoming address on behalf of organizers of China and the U.S. respectively
(2)18:50-19:50 Dinner speech

October 22 (Thursday)
1、9:00-12:00 Opening ceremony
2、12:30-13:45 Luncheon, luncheon speech
3、14:30-17:30 Group discussion (incl. 15 min. tea break)
Participants are divided into four groups, each chaired by a Chinese moderator and an American moderator respectively host and an American host:
Group A – The prospect and development path of the Sino-U.S. strategic partnership on clean energy
Group B – Clean utilization of coal (water, coal power generation, carbon capture and storage, etc.)
Group C - Wind and solar power generation, smart grid, etc.
Group D - Energy-saving buildings and new energy transportation, etc.
Group E - Dialogue on Low-Carbon Metropolitan Concept
4、18:00-19:30 Dinner, dinner speech

October 23 (Friday)
1、9:00-10:30 Group discussion, summary;
2、10:30-10:45 Tea break ;
3、The plenary
10:45-11:25 Groups report discussion results (10 min. each)
11:25-11:40 Concluding speech
11:40-12:00 Promulgate and sign the “Joint Declaration”
Announcing Forum Close
4、12:30-13:45 Luncheon, luncheon speech